Monday, January 12, 2009

What is Race, Anyway?

When we were given this theoretical artical about race to read, I wasn't quite sure what it would be about. However, after reading the first paragraph, I was completely appauled.

The first paragraph of my artical, "What is Race, Anyway?" talked about a principal calling for a meeting to gather the student body together. Once everyone was all together, he asked how many people were planning on going to prom with dates outside their race. Several students raised their hand. He then said that he was canceling the prom. He said, "How would that look at a prom, a bunch of mixed couples?" Then this poor who had a white dad and a black mom said, "Who am I supposed to take to the prom?" After readind this paragraph, I was just outraged! I couldn't believe that a prinicipal of all people would be this racist. He couldn't even accept the fact that people like other people who who they are inside not outside.

This artical then continued to talk about more scientific stuff. It was asking the question, "What if we divided the human race using catergories other than skin color?" "What if we used a different gene instead?" This proposes a great question. Why did we start using the color of people's skin to define who we are? It is just outrageous to me that after all these years we put so much emphasis on skin color. Why didn't we use hair color instead? Or the color of people's eyes? And who chose that skin color was going to be what classifies who we are?

The last few paragraphs in the artical talk about how to get rid of using race as a classification of who we are, because honestly it shouldn't matter. However, since we have already put so much emphasis on race we can't just erase it. As Carlos Fernandez states, "You can't erase differences between people by ignoring them." Now that we have made skin color a big deal we can't just pretend it never happened, but we can do everything in our power to stop it from ever happening again.

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Kevin said...

I also read this article. I thought the opening paragraph would continue, and I was surprised to learn that it was a true story. I think that it will take a lot of time to completely get rid of the racial categories that have caused so much damage. They will not just disappear one day, which is what the article was getting at.